Meetings are your company's biggest expense.

And yet, you’re unaware of how numerous, costly, and inefficient they are. MeterX gives you visibility into the total time and cost of meetings across your organization.

Meetings company's biggest expense

So how does it work?


Save Time.

MeterX integrates with your calendar to show how much time employees are spending in meetings

Lower Cost

Lower Cost.

Real salary data is used to quantify the actual cost of your company’s meeting culture

Target Waste

Target Waste.

Meeting Quality Score helps to zero in on which events should be eradicated - or championed!

Level-up your meeting culture!

  • Robust filters allow admins to drill down by timeframe, department, employee level, and more
  • Trend reports show improvements on metrics like meeting hours per employee per day
  • Increased visibility facilitates more informed deployment of talent development
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MeterX Dashboard

MeterX Insights Are Delivered to Your Inbox

  • No need to spend hours sifting through a dashboard for the most actionable items
  • Data-driven, role-specific suggestions on how to improve your use of employee time
  • Optional micro-surveys to collect employee feedback on meeting quality and refine the quality score algorithm
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MeterX Dashboard

Does this look familiar?

Fewer, more productive meetings will lead to increased productivity, improved employee morale and engagement, and better work-life balance. Oh – and less headcount expense!

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